Lawn Care in Cornwall

If you are frustrated that your lawn isn't as thick and green as you'd like it to be then don't despair! We provide a hassle-free service that will transform your lawn.

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Tired, Worn Out Lawn That's Full Of Weed & Moss?

We operate a small independent lawn care service, which means that we can put the time and effort into your lawn that it requires. 

Contact us today and we'll come to assess your lawn and put together a bespoke plan to bring it back to life.

Newly mown lawn and gardens.
Best Lawn care in Cornwall

Expert lawn care services:

Lawn Treatments - Programmes adapted to your lawns needs.

Professional Mowing - Exceptional service. Standard mowing, striping, ride-on size.

Lawn Beneficials & Soil Nutrition - Perfect for coastal lawns.

Aeration - Improves root system

Scarification - Results in thicker, healthier sward.

Overseeding - Produces an even & consistent lawn.

Total Renovation & Repair- Revives tired, worn out lawns

Biology Booster - Improves soils biological conditions

Our seasonal lawn treatment process:

  Spring Spring fertiliser: this formulation has been created to increase your lawns resistance to disease during cold weather. It does this by supporting root development and increasing plant strength.
  Early   Summer Weed control & fertiliser: first, we'll apply a slow release nitrogen formulation, which results in lush growth for up to 3 months without the need for excessive mowing. It's perfect as it provides fast, long-lasting results. We'll then apply a selective herbicide which will kill most weeds in the lawn.
  Late   Summer Summer fertiliser & weed spot treatment: a repeat of 2018's hot Summer won't be a problem for our summer safe product. It has no fast release nitrogen and will release nutrients evenly over a 3 month period. It will not burn the grass. Once this has been spread we'll again apply a weed contorl product if required.
  Autumn Autumn feed: we'll ready your lawn for the cold weather ahead and help prevent red thread fungal attacks. Medium levels of our fast and slow release nitrogen will maintain a beautiful green colour.
  Winter Moss control & lawn conditioner: this application hardens leaf structure throughout the coldest months and works to prevent and control moss

Customer Guarantee

All of our work backed up by our customer guarantee. If you're not completely happy with our service then we'll return to resolve any issues quickly.

We do our utmost to leave lawns looking great but feel free to call us if you have any concerns.

What We Do

  • Produce healthy, weed & moss free lawns
  • Reinvigorate tired, worn out lawns
  • Make brown and dead patches a thing of the past
  • Offer advice on seasonal upkeep of your lawn

Areas of Cornwall Served

Truro, Newquay, Morgan Porth, Porthcothan, St Merryn, Harlyn, Trevone, Padstow, St Issey, Tregonce, St Columb, Wadebridge, Rock, Trebetherick, Greenaway, Polzeath, New Polzeath, Trelights, Port Isaac, St Tudy, Longstone, Helland, St Maybn, Bodmin, Withiel, St Wenn and many others.

Why choose us?

We're not in the numbers game. For us, it's not about gaining tonnes of customers and treating as many lawns as possible each day; our focus is on you and your lawn. If we put real time and effort into caring for your lawn in Cornwall as though it were our own, the results will be clear and you'll be happy.

If you contact us today we'll arrange to meet you at a time that's convenient for you, we'll assess your lawn and create a lawn treatment plan that's tailored to your lawns needs.